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Democratic Primary



Presidential Election Simulator

The Race to 270 Electoral Votes

The race for the White House is won by the candidate who gets 270 electoral votes. Below shows how close each party is to getting the 270 electoral votes.

Only Time Will Tell

The graph below show the ever-changing race for the White House.

A Better Way to look at things.

Normal maps can be confusing when it comes to the electoral college. The map below shows each state, sized based on the electoral votes it get, and colored by each candidates chance of winning.

This or That

There are many possble outcomes in the electoral college. The histogram below show the spread of electoral votes of 20,000 simulations of the election.

The Battlegrounds

The states below are ranked by the most detrimental to outcome of the election. Tipping point measures which state will give the candidate the 270th electoral vote. The closer the circle is to the center, the closer the race is. And bars that are wider mean that the model is certain about that race.